Fire Extinguisher Recertification

If you've ever seen a tag attached to the top of the fire extinguisher, you may not have known that it functions as a way to track the inspections performed on the extinguisher. Because fire extinguishers often lay dormant for years on end, they require inspection to ensure that they still work, especially if their usage is required in a pinch. When it's time for your fire extinguisher to be re-certified, you'll want an expert to look at it.

We offer fire extinguisher recertification for all kinds of fire extinguishers! Our experts will examine, repair, and replace your fire extinguishers as needed. Whether your fire extinguisher is a residential or commercial one, we prioritize the function and safety of the extinguisher above all else. For monthly, yearly, or six-year inspections, we have the skill and know-how needed to service and re-certify your fire extinguisher properly.

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